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Category: the Toupim
  1. Can I buy the caps shown in your photos?
    We send you a fancy hat to go with the Toupim, in a color of your choice. A very nice collection of caps and hats is for sale on line at www.mooihoofd.nl. This collection is perfectly suited to be combined with a Toupim. The caps we used for the photos are available on request as long as stocks last. For this, please contact Toupim via info@toupim.nl

  2. Can I wash the Toupim?
    A Toupim is perfectly washable by hand in lukewarm water with (baby) shampoo or a mild soap. The Toupim can be dried lying on a towel. Do not wash or dry in a machine.

  3. Can I brush a Toupim?
    A Toupim can be brushed with a soft hairbrush. Especially the curly models will benefit from regular brushing.

  4. Can I blow-dry a Toupim?
    A Toupim can be blow-dried just like ordinary hair. The straight models can be modelled to some extent by means of curling tongs.

  5. Is it possible to wear anything underneath the Toupim?
    If your skull is very sensitive, or when it is really cold, you can choose to wear a buff or a tunnel bandana underneath the Toupim. A buff is a very thin seamless scarf. A pink buff is shown on the page Het geheim.

  6. Can I wear a Toupim if my own hair is growing back?
    You can wear the Toupim for as long as you want. The headband also fits perfectly on short hair.

  7. Is the Toupim suitable for children?
    The Toupim is extremely suitable for children and is available in the smaller sizes XS and S.

  8. I have quite a large head; is the Toupim available in different sizes?
    The Toupim fits every head! We supply Toupims in sizes: XS, S, M, L. For the sizes we use the following measurements around the head: XS=48-52cm, S=50-54cm, M=54-58cm, L=56-60cm.

  9. How do I determine the right size for the Toupim?
    Most heads measure between 48 and 60 cm. With a tape measure you measure the ‘hatband’, i.e. from the middle of your forehead, over your ears, following the line of the neck all round. For the sizes we stock, see sizes.

  10. How long does a Toupim last?
    Depending on the use of the Toupim it will last as long as a regular wig. In contrast to a synthetic hairpiece a Toupim can be worn in all weather conditions.

  11. What material is a Toupim made of?
    The Toupim is made of 100% human hair. The headband is made of a soft cotton with elastane.

  12. Are the Toupim products covered by a guarantee?
    The Toupim comes with a six-month guarantee for manufacturing defects. Toupim cannot be held liable for damage resulting from improper use of the product.

  13. I favour a pink hair colour; can I have a Toupim made according to my wishes?
    Depending on your wishes and after consultation a Toupim may be tailor-made. The price of a tailor-made Toupim is higher than for products from the standard collection and will be fixed separately, depending on your wishes. For this, please contact Toupim via info@toupim.nl

Category: Toupim camisole
  1. What are the washing instructions for the Toupim camisole?
    Via the opening on the side of the cup you can simply remove the prosthesis. The camisole may be machine-washed at 60°. The fibrefill prosthesis may be washed by hand in lukewarm water. The fibrefill prosthesis is also available separately.

  2. How do I determine the right size for the Toupim camisole?
    The camisoles are available in stock sizes 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50. The cup size is the standard cup size for each stock size. If desired, you can add some fibrefill to the cup, or remove some to make it smaller.

  3. Can I also order extra filling for the Toupim camisole?
    The Toupim camisole comes with a fibrefill prosthesis, and a separate bag of fibrefill. An extra prosthesis or an extra bag of loose fibrefill may be ordered by means of the order form.

  4. Can I also get another colour Toupim camisole than white?
    For the time being white is the only colour of Toupim camisole available. We are working on the expansion of our collection of camisoles and hope to be able to stock several colours in the future.

Category: General
  1. Can I return a Toupim product if I do not like it?
    Toupim has an excellent money-back-if-not-fully-satisfied guarantee. If you do not like the Toupim, you can return the Toupim in the original packing within 14 days, provided it has not been worn. The costs of the return shipment are at your expense. Once the return shipment has been received by us in good condition, we will reimburse your purchase costs (minus delivery costs). If you wish to exchange the Toupim for another product, you can return the delivered Toupim and we shall send you another model without charging extra shipping costs. In this way you can take your time to order on line and try the product at home without any risk.

  2. How long does it take before the Toupim is delivered?
    As soon as we have received your payment the Toupim will be sent to you within 5 working days provided the Toupim is available. If the Toupim is not in stock, you will be notified, immediately after our receipt of your order, of the estimated delivery period via an e-mail. If you wish, you can then cancel the order.

  3. Can I also collect the Toupim products?
    By mutual arangement it is possible to collect the Toupim. For this, please contact Toupim via info@toupim.nl

  4. Do I get a discount when I order several Toupims?
    The Toupim products are priced very competitively. Only for bigger orders is it possible to make a separate price arrangement. For this, please contact Toupim via info@toupim.nl

  5. I have paid for the Toupim, but I still have not received it. What now?
    We regret if a product does not reach you in good time. If you have not received the product 14 days after our confirmation of shipment, we shall send you a new one free of charge.

  6. I have received the Toupim, but it is not the product that I ordered. What now?
    If you have not received the right product, we kindly ask you to return the delivered product to us in the original packing. We shall then send you the right product by return of post. The extra shipping costs are at our expense.

  7. I have received the Toupim product, but it is damaged. What now?
    Although we make every effort to deliver the Toupim products to you in optimal condition, sometimes a product does get damaged on the way. In the unlikely event of this occurring, we kindly ask you to return the damaged product to us in the original packing. We shall then send you a new product by return of post. The extra shipping costs are at our expense.

  8. Is it also possible to order the Toupim products from abroad?
    We also accept orders from abroad. In case of orders from abroad, we do not send our products C.O.D. but only accept payment in advance. The shipping costs abroad will be calculated according to the usual TNT postal rates for abroad and will be communicated to you via the confirmation e-mail. For money transfers you need to use the IBAN code "NL80ABNA0541073850" and the BIC code "ABNANL2A". Please do not send us any cheques!

  9. The Toupim is a patented product - what does that mean?
    The Toupim has been patented and registered. This means that the range of thought, the concept, the idea, elaboration and application of the products of Toupim, and of the brand name Toupim are covered by a claim and that they are legally protected by Octrooicentrum Nederland en de Merkplaats. Toupim patent number: 1031001.

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