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The secret of the Toupim  

The secret of the Toupim is the impression that it makes!

A Toupim suggests that you have a full head of hair. Nobody sees that it is not your own hair that you are wearing under your cap. A Toupim is a part of a wig -only the part emerging from under your cap- attached to a soft headband. A Toupim combined with a cap or a buff gives the impression of your own head of hair.

It is a simple and comfortable solution for women or girls who are coping with alopecia or (temporary) baldness and who wish to camouflage the loss of their hair.

A Toupim is a splendid alternative to a wig, simple, comfortable, affordable, variable.

Its success lies in its simplicity!

  1. The simplicity of the idea:

    What you see is what you get. Why wear more than what is visible? When people who have their own hair are wearing a cap, you only see the hair emerging from under the cap. Women and girls who have lost their hair usually wear a cap or a buff anyway, but they still have a bald neck. The solution appeared to be quite simple. By only wearing the hairline under your cap or buff you cover the bald neck and have a perfectly natural appearance. 
  2. The comfort of this simplicity:

    • No pinching fitting systems, no buckles, Velcro, snap fasteners, hooks and eyelets etc.
    • There is no direct contact between the hair and the skull. You only feel the soft headband
    • No build-up of heat or itch, no irritation
    • The Toupim does not shift, cannot be blown away and is washable
  3. The simplicity is affordable

    We find it very important that the Toupim should be an affordable product, as well as a good-looking, good-quality product. This is why all Toupims are made of 100% human hair while the material for the headband is selected for its comfort. Each Toupim is manufactured with care and attention to detail. The Toupim is a tailor-made solution: only that which is necessary is manufactured. This enables us to combine quality with affordability.
  4. Can be combined simply:

    A Toupim can be combined with all kinds of caps, buffs, scarves, hats, berets, etc.

    You are not bound by one type of cap or hat. What you choose to wear on the Toupim is something you can decide, depending on your mood, or on the weather conditions. When it is hot you will probably wear an airy buff or a summer cap on the Toupim, and when it is colder you may choose a warmer hat or cap or a thicker scarf. In winter it is extra comfortable to have some hair in your neck.

A Toupim is comfortable, stylish and always fits.
It is suited for all ages. 

You wear the Toupim:

  • From when you start losing your hair
  • When you have no hair left at all
  • During the period when the hair is growing back

We are proud to state that the Toupim is a new Dutch invention. The Toupim was patented in January 2006. 

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The Toupim
etalagehoofden met toupim haarstukje
The Toupim
The Toupim