Your own hair on a headband

Losing my hair was what I feared most,
but now I’m wearing my own hair underneath a cap

An ownhair-headband is a soft headband with your own hair fabricated within. You combine the headband with a cap. The past few years we have made over a thousand girls and woman happy with an ownhair-headband. We offer what no one could offer so far: Maintain your own appearance. A great comfort during difficult times.
Nobody will see anything ‘different’ about you. It is a very simple but foremost a very comfortable solution for women and girls suffering hair loss after chemotherapy or due to alopecia.

‘A life saver, this hair-saver’ a client said once’

The Toupim®headband

Sometimes your own hair is not suitable anymore. In these cases we can also make a headband of donated hair that will match your own hair.
The Toupim®headbands are a Dutch invention with an EU patent.


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