Cutting instructions

To create a Toupim headband out of your own hair, it is necessary that your hair is cut in the right way! Look below for the instructions.

Always contact us before cutting, please! Do not cut or send the hair without contacting us beforehand. It is very important that we can first exchange some photos, cutting guidelines and additional information!!

In general these are the main steps:

  • Please send us some pictures of your hair as it is now at:
  • If possible also pictures where you are wearing a cap that would cover the headband.
  • You will receive a photodocument and detailed instructions!
  • Before cutting off your hair wash it thoroughly with a regular shampoo, éven if you washed it just yesterday! We can only work with clean hair. Let it dry completely. Why?
  • Don’t wear any parfume the day of the cutting. ( It stays in and affects the hair).Don’t use gel. A tiny bit of conditioner is okay, only in lowest ends, not close to the scalp.
  • Make 10 to 20 tails over your whole head. (No braids). Use ALL your hair, it is impossible to create a full ownhair-headband of half of your hair.
  • Sometimes women hope to keep a nice short hairdo for the remaining few days, before it will fall out. We strongly advise you to be brave and cut off áll the hair. To be able to create a full Toupim we need all the hair in its full length. The lower you cut it, the thinner it gets.
  • Cut off the tails WITH the elastics, as close to the skull as possible. With every tail you cut off please remind yourself: You will get it back soon!
  • Dont cut too close to the elastic, it may get loose in the mail. (See picture).

  • Enclose it WITH the elastics still on it in an envelope. Seal it with extra tape so nothing can fall out.
  • Measure your head and choose a color of the free Top.