Donating your hair, a wonderful gift!

If you have long and healthy hair, and would like to donate a nice piece, we are very happy with a minimum of 20 cm or 8 inch. BUT THE LONGER THE BETTER!

Please be critical, and be sure the donation is worthwhile.

Just a few inches existing mainly of dead ends is not something worthwhile donating. We won’t make anyone happy with that.

We cannot pay for your hair, but know that you make a big difference to somebody dealing with a serious and very difficult situation.

Cutting instructions

Please start with cutting off the dead ends.

We cannot use tails with dead ends, they will be lost for the Toupim®headband, so that is too bad.

We would love to use all of your tails. So it is best to first cut them just a tiny bit.

The hair needs to be absolutely clean! Please wash it right before cutting. Dirty hair does not make it to a Toupim®headband, we cannot use it and it will end up in the bin.

Make several tails. 10-20 tails is perfect. One bigger tail is difficult for us. (but if you have cut it already, please contact us, we’ll see what can be done).

Make tails, not braids,

Cut off a minimum of 20cm / 8 inch.

The longer the better ! Be brave, it will grow back and we have a shortage of long hair.


Do not cut too short to the elastics , it may fall off.

Place the tails, leaving the elastics on, in a gripbag and in a strong envelop. Close it with adhesive tape.