Facts and Fables – Questions, concerns and misunderstandings

The nurse thought it should (perhaps) be cut before the first chemo?

No, it does not! The best time to cut is one week after the first chemo:
A – The hair hasn’t been affected by the chemo yet, and
B – It is just a little less difficult to cut it short at once, because you know that it will soon fall out completely.
We’ll email you the cutting instructions, that’s where it’s all in.

The hairdresser said that it takes a long time before the hairband is ready.

No, we make the hairband within a week. Even if it is sent from abroad. We can even make an express hairband, please contact the Toupim-Team.

But I never wear a cap?

If you don’t have any hair at all, you will probably want to wear a nice top or hat anyway. It’s much nicer if there is some hair coming out of it, preferably your own hair. You will get used to your new look very quickly and your environment doesn’t see any difference.

The comfort is many times greater than that of a wig.

Absolutely! That’s why we developed the Toupim hair bands.

The hairdresser says that I have a lot of long hair, so it doesn’t have to be ultra short.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. In order to make the most beautiful hair-band we need ALL the hair in its full length, also if you have long hair.
Always contact Toupim first, so we can give advice based on pictures.

I already cut it off before I discovered the site. Is that bad?

It’s not the most ideal scenario, but we’ll probably find a solution. Please contact the Toupim-Team.

The shedding has already started and my hair is suddenly very dry. What do I do now?

Please contact us directly. (We’ve learned to do magic).

I find it too difficult to cut all the way off, can I get a donated hair model?

The donated hair is worth its weight in gold and we save it for women and children who really don’t have their own hair anymore. We can see if a regular model would be suitable for you. Please contact us first, so we can discuss it.

My insurance does not reimburse Toupim’s hair band.

In Holland more and more insurers are reimbursing the own hair head-band. CZ, DELTA LLOYD and OHRA, ZILVEREN KRUIS ACHMEA, FBTO and DITZO reimburse it (the same arrangement that applies to a wig) and a number of insurers apply a leniency arrangement. Please contact us for advice on what arrangements you can make with your insurer.

Does a hairband require a lot of maintenance?

No, it does not. It does not require any special maintenance at all. You can treat it exactly as you did when it was still attached to your head, with your own shampoo and the care products you always used. It hardly wears out, even when worn intensively.

What’s the difference with a regular model?

Even though the regular models are made of Human Hair, (this is originally Indian hair) this hair has undergone a treatment in the factory (scaling, bleaching and dyeing), which unfortunately gives it a limited life span.

Your own hair hardly wears out, even when worn intensively and for a long time.

I’m 86, can I also wear a hairband? Or is it especially for young people?

The Toupim® hair-band is suitable for all ages and we can make it from any kind of hair.

We have made many women and girls (ages 3-89) intensely happy with their own hair fabricated into a Toupim hairband and will do everything we can to make it happen for you too.