‘Can I have a wig made out of my own hair?’

It is with great pride that we can say: Yes we can do it.

Toupim has developed a special and unique technique with which we can create a Toupim®headband from your own hair: the ownhair-headband.

My friends didn’t notice a thing. They said:
fortunately you didn’t lose your hair

Don’t let your hair end up in the trash can of your hairdresser. You can now send your hair to us and we’ll turn it into a beautiful, comfortable, unique and personal ownhair-headband for you in no time.

Please contact us for more information.

We can create the ownhair-headband within one week. It will be send back to you by registered mail. We can even return it to you by express mail, that way shipping takes only two days, to anywhere in the world.