How it works

  • Please first read the instructions on the page with the cutting guidelines!
  • Befóre cutting the hair, always contact us first please! Never send us your hair without having been in touch, so we have a chance to exchange pictures, the cutting instructions and additional information!
  • Enclose the tails WITH the elastics still on it in an envelope.
  • Seal the envelope with extra tape so nothing can fall out.
  • Measure your head and choose a color of the free Top.
  • Mention your name, address and e-mail address.
  • Let us know when you sent it so we know when it’s coming.
    Send it by registered mail to:
    Bloemstraat 21-B
    1016 KV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    SVP: Seal the enveloppe extra with tape and don’t forget to mention the sender address.

How long does it take:

It takes just one week to turn your own hair into an ownhair-headband.

Shipping can be done within a few days.