Regular model

If your own hair is not suitable anymore you can choose a regular model.

Similar to the ownhair-headband, the base is a soft headband with human hair attached.
It’s a simple and foremost very comfortable solution for woman and girls girls suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia.

A soft headband as basis

  • No pinching fitting systems, (buckles, Velcro, snap fasteners, hooks and eyelets etc).
  • Blindstiched, so no stitches to the skull. You only feel the soft headband
  • Not itchy or warm
  • The Toupim®head-band does not shift or fall off.
  • Can be washed

We work with the highest quality hair!

For the most part the collection is created with the highest quality human hair.

Some short models are created with synthetic hair.

NB: the regular models are made of the highest quality human hair, but the hair has had a treatment in the factory and will wear off in time.

We prefer making the head-band with your own hair and will look into the options.