Toupim Prosthetic-Camisole

The Toupim camisole with fibrefill cups is ideal for breast cancer patients.
From the very first moment after surgery and during the weeks after that, when it is still uncomfortable to wear a bra. At the same time, it is also suited for daily use as an undergarment, because you do not always want to wear the heavier silicone prosthesis.


100% cotton, does not pinch, does not shift, has no fasteners, elastic or straps.
It is suited to wear over drains and bandages.

Includes lightweight cup

The cup of the Toupim camisole is filled with a preformed prosthesis made of fibrefill material. The prosthesis is lightweight and keeps its shape.


40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50
Left, right or double sided.

Color Camisole

Only available in white.

Camouflages the missing breast.


“A few hours after the operation I was offered the Toupim camisole by the nurse. The surgery had had a huge impact on me, and I found it awkward to confront my family and friends with my missing breast. It was a tremendous relief that I was able to wear the camisole straight away. The camisole is comfortable and the nurses still have easy access to the drains and the wound.”


“It’s been a while since I had my surgery, but I still wear the camisole every day. I feel uncomfortable not wearing a prosthesis, so if I have to go to some official occasion, I wear my tailor-made silicone prosthesis, but as soon as I come home, I take off this heavier and slightly pressing bra and put on the comfortable Toupim camisole. For everyday use I always choose the Toupim camisole.”


“I have undergone a bilateral mastectomy and was presented the Toupim camisole by a friend. I like it so much that the bra with the silicone prosthesis is still sitting in the drawer. I wouldn’t know why I should hang the heavy silicone weights on my shoulders to restore my silhouette, if I can just as easily accomplish this with the lightweight Toupim camisole.”