Why has the hair to be washed thoroughly before cutting?

Not only is it very unhygenic for us to be working with unwashed hair, but unwashed hair is very ‘unwilling’. In order to create a beautiful ownhair-headband. we have to split every small tail of hair and spread it very precisely onto the headband. Unwashed hair will not be split easily and furthermore the hair may fall very different than it would be if it was clean. Once the ownhair-headband. is finished it can be washed again, but then the hair may ‘fall’ different again then we were able to fabricate it. Therefore it HAS to be 100% grease free, mostly close to the skull, there where it is cut off.

Unwashed hair wil be returned, unfortunately. So always wash thoroughly right before cutting, even if you washed it just yesterday. Wash with a regular shampoo and dry thorougly. Don’t use gel or conditioner. Sigaret smoke and perfume really effects the hair as well. In case you are concerned of washing it because of beginning hairloss, please contact us before you cut it via: E-mail or phone : +31-(0)6-2456 1130 / +31-(0)6-1247 8367